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V-Power Equipment, Inc. distributes & has access to many other products. We pride ourselves in locating hard to find merchandise for our customers. Please CONTACT US if you are interested in any of the below products or a product not listed.

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AK Industries, Inc.
AK Industries, Inc. was started by John and Butch Sabo over 25 years ago in Plymouth, Indiana. Since then, they have grown into being a leader in fiberglass and polyethylene products for the wastewater industry. Their goal is to provide a consistently top quality line of products that are the best value in the industry.

Amiad Water Systems
Founded in 1962, Amiad Filtration Systems has long been a leader in filtration technology. From massive industrial or municipal installations to sturdy home landscaping, their automatic self-cleaning and manual filters have built a worldwide reputation (in 70+ countries!) for efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability.

A.Y. McDonald
With over 150 years of experience, you can count on A.Y. McDonald pumps to deliver the highest possible level of quality, innovation and reliability available. Their pumps meet current industry standards and are available in a wide range of models to meet each pumping situation.

For 45 years, Bermad has been the recognized pioneer and world leading provider of high quality Hydraulic Control Valves. Incorporating advanced flow control technologies, Bermad's best of breed solutions have proven themselves in every level of the irrigation, water works and fire protection industries.

Better Water Industries
Better Water Industries Inc. (BWI) established a company culture in 1986 that has remained a mainstay of the company through its growth. They take a strong interest in their clients by providing exceptional equipment as well as the knowledge and tools for their companies to succeed.

Big Foot Mfg. Co.
Established in 1984, Big Foot Mfg. Co. has provided world-class products that satisfy the needs of water well drilling and irrigation companies throughout the country. From PVC screens and filters to shale traps and risers, Big Foot Mfg. has focused on your needs with innovative ideas and top quality products.

Blue-White Industries
Blue-White Industries was founded in 1957 when company founder, Ozzie King, transitioned from building pools to manufacturing the products he knew the industry was missing. Today they proudly manufacture a full line of high quality, dependable products for pools, spas, water parks, and water features.

Cerus has been working with pumps for years. Their real world experience has inspired products that simplify installation and increase reliability. Whether you need phase conversion or a lightning reactor, they have the motor controls, components and enclosures that fit the job.

Charman Manufacturing
Charman Manufacturing offers a full range of pipe nipple products for the plumbing industry. Their goal is to provide high quality products at a reasonable price. Among their offerings are Red Brass, Black, and Galvanized pipe nipples, each one visually inspected for perfection before it leaves the factory.

Cotey Chemical Corporation
Cotey Chemical Corporation was founded in Lubbock, Texas in 1949 by Mr. Bradford J. Cotey. Their mission is to provide products which can be safely and easily applied by non-technical personnel for maintenance, development, or sterilization of household, industrial, and/or irrigation water wells.

Based in Indiana, Cresline Plastic Pipe Co. is the oldest privately-owned plastic pipe company operating today. They provide high quality, American-made PE, PVC, ABS, and FlowGuard Gold CPVC pipe to the plumbing, irrigation, water well, hardware, industrial, and municipal markets.

Cycle Stop Valves
Cycle Stop Valves, Inc. manufactures constant pressure pump control valves and the Cycle Sensor pump monitors. Cycle Stop Valves were designed in the field, not engineered in a lab. They use their own experiences to make constant pressure systems work for real people in real world applications.

DekoRRa Products
DekoRRa Products was established in Wisconsin in 1997 by Russ Dresen and Roy Bailey. They manufacture artificial rocks that conceal a variety of unsightly devices found in city, rural, and commercial landscapes. Once installed, it is virtually impossible to distinguish their products from real rock.

Dixon Valve
In order to further the design and manufacture of couplings, H.W. Goodall started the Dixon Valve & Coupling Company in 1916. Willing to travel to every major construction site, he provided the necessary hose and couplings. Today, Dixon Valve keeps that same attitude, designing & producing the products you need most.

Dobbs Corporation
Founded in 1960, Dobbs Corp. has become both a pioneer and industry leader in the manufacture of floating surface water pumps. Each Dobbs Pump is assembled by hand and tested under actual load conditions based on your specific needs. This ensures your expectations are not only met, but exceeded as well!

Dura Plastic Products
Over the last thirty years, family-owned Dura Plastic Products has grown into a recognized leader in the PVC piping component industry due to its quality products and outstanding service. They pride themselves on providing well designed and manufactured products to their customers in a timely manner.

Founded in 1912, EBARA Corporation is recognized as a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of industrial machinery. They provide engineered pump, pump products and related services for the water, wastewater, commercial, municipal, energy and power industries.

Eno Scientific
Located in North Carolina, Eno Scientific was founded when a severe drought led engineer Steve Judd to develop a mountable well sounder for his personal well. Since then, Eno Scientific has grown to specialize in measurement systems for the well drilling and environmental monitoring industries.

Environmental Manufacturing Inc.
EMI was established in 1996 with the goal of becoming both a fabricator of PVC pipes, casing and screens, as well as a distributor for environmental and remediation wells. Their commitment to high standards and product quality gives their clients an edge in the groundwater monitoring and remediation industry.

Essex Brownell
Essex Brownell is a leading international distributor of magnet wire, insulation, varnish, tapes, motors and related products used in the manufacture and repair of electrical transformers, motors and equipment. Their product breadth and quality make them the supplier of choice for all your electrical and motor repair needs.

Fostco, Inc. is a small, family run business which was founded in Milton, WA in 1994. Aside from manufacturing 100% stainless steel and heavy duty centralizers, they also are a representative agency for several other manufacturers. All their products are made and assembled in the USA!

Fresno Valves & Castings
Fresno Valves and Castings, Inc. was originally founded in 1952 to produce irrigation gates. Over the past 60 years, they have grown to include irrigation fittings and stainless steel filtration products, as well as housing a brass and aluminum foundry. At Fresno Valves, High Quality is a Tradition to be maintained!

Gems Sensors & Controls - Warrick Conductivity
In 1955, after developing a level indicator in his basement, Edward H Moore partnered with Gordon Seigle, and GEMS was formed. Today, they manufacture a range of products including pressure switches and transducers, flow switches, miniature solenoid valves, proximity switches and liquid level control units.

Since 1960, Grindex has been dedicated to developing & designing the best quality electrical submersible pumps for professional users worldwide. They strive to offer a pump for every need: from drainage to sludge to slurry, in the most challenging environments imaginable.

Hydroflo Pumps
Hydroflo Pumps USA, Inc. was founded in 1998 by the current CEO, Brian Daschner. They fabricate the only pump constructed with all- lost wax, investment cast technology. Their success has been built on manufacturing, assembling, and delivering the most dependable, well engineered pumps in the market.

J.C. Whitlam
Three generations ago, JC Whitlam began with a single product. They went on to develop the first non-poisonous thread compound. With hundreds of products and supplies, they now serve a variety of fields, delivering dependable products that are based on industry experience and chemical engineering expertise.

Johnson Screens
Johnson Screens was founded in 1904 by Edward E. Johnson after he invented the continuous slot wire wrapped well screen. Since then, they have expanded their screening technology into industries such as surface water treatment, pulp and paper, oil and gas, mineral and aggregate processing, refining and petrochemical.

For more than 50 years, Kalas has delivered dependable solutions. They are vertically and strategically integrated for superior material control, and are constantly evolving to find new ways to deliver value. For a wide range of industries and applications, they provide reliability where it matters.

King Brothers Industries - KBI
In 1970, the owner of King Brothers Industries, Bob King, developed and sold the Flex Riser from a tool shed in California. Since then, KBI has used their experience to develop new products, allowing them to become the preferred source for plumbing and irrigation valves for pool contractors and homeowners worldwide.

Since its founding in 1918, the Komet Group has become the worldwide technological leader for innovative tool concepts and complete solutions for drill machining. Their customers know them as a leading manufacturer of premium precision tools for sophisticated internal machining.

Koshin was founded in Japan in 1948, making it a worldwide leader in pump manufacturing. Their American division, established in 1984, specializes in creating the most reliable pumps and portable power systems for a number of industries, including Agricultural, Oil, Civil, Marine, and Construction.

Over the last 30 years, Lakos has become a world leader in the production of Separators and Filtration Systems. Originally designed for groundwater and agricultural uses, their products are now targeted to most industrial markets. Their fastest growing market is in cleaning cooling tower basins and heat exchangers.

Legend Valve
Legend Valve and Fitting was formed over 20 years ago to meet a major need in the residential, commercial and industrial markets: consistently high quality products, shipped on time, at a competitive price. They are proud of the workmanship and quality of their valves and the ability of their staff to help with all requests.

LH Dottie
LH Dottie was founded in 1965 by Sam Kobert and Joel Satnick. Still growing, they constantly add new, quality products that Professional Electricians and Plumbers require. Many things have changed since they first opened for business, but the commitment and dedication toward their customers has remained.

Maass Midwest
After Carl B. Carlburg founded Midwest Well Supply in the early 1930s, they quickly became a leader in manufacturing check valves, well points, pumping cylinders, drive shoes, and well service tools. Through various mergers and acquisitions, they have become the one-stop source for quality water well products.

Marlo was founded in 1973 in Racine, Wisconsin by Fred and Mike Glines. They offer a line of light and medium commercial softeners and filters, as well as their proprietary two-in-one combination softener and iron filter and a super high efficiency conditioner. Their goal is to produce quality products for quality water.

Matco-Norca began in 1952 as the pioneer in sourcing valves. Over the years, they have become the largest independent branded sourcing company for valves, fittings & nipples, faucets & plumbing specialties for the plumbing & heating, industrial, waterworks and irrigation markets.

McCrometer develops innovative, high-quality, precision flow meters for the most demanding liquid, steam and gas measurement industry applications for its worldwide customers. Their technologies range from high-performance products, such as the cutting edge V-Cone, to well-known products, like the McPropeller.

Merit Brass
Merit Brass is one of the leading manufacturers of stainless steel, brass, chrome-plated brass, and aluminum pipe nipples. They offer a complete package of stainless steel pipe, tubing, fittings, flanges and valves as well as the largest, most comprehensive inventory of cast brass fittings, flanges and pipe in the nation.

Merrill Manufacturing
The Merrill Manufacturing Company was founded in 1949 by Noel Merrill Anderson in a one-car garage in Iowa. They manufacture and sell one of the largest selections of water well accessories including frost-proof yard hydrants, pitless units, kits and adapters, well caps, tank tees, and insert fittings.

Mincon was founded in 1977 in Shannon, Ireland with the intention of producing state-of-the-art engineered Rock Drills and associated parts. Through years of listening to those who use the equipment most, they have been able to greatly improve the design of their hammers and drill bits.

As a leading supplier of drilling fluid systems, M-I SWACO improves performance by anticipating and solving fluids-related problems. Whether its optimizing wellbore productivity, maximizing production rates, or safely managing waste volumes generated in drilling and production operations, they have a solution for you.

Mody Pumps
With almost half a century of experience in the industry, Mody Pumps, Inc. is one of the fastest growing submersible pump manufacturers worldwide. They deliver products that embody superior quality & reliability, while serving the dewatering, municipal, industrial, marine, rental and waste management markets.

Founded in 1973, Multiquip is one of the largest, most diversified manufacturers and suppliers of world class quality products and solutions for a wide range of markets. Their comprehensive product portfolio encompasses light to medium construction equipment, power generators and lighting.

Munro Manufacturing takes care of the controls while Munro Pump provides the pumps. Built in Colorado, their submersible line offers great versatility and functionality by featuring an integrated stainless steel case and strainer, an oil-filled double mechanical seal, and a high chrome steel impeller.

Naco Industries
From its beginning in 1976, Naco Industries has become one of the largest manufacturers of fabricated PVC pipe fittings and valves. They serve Utility, Industrial, Agricultural, Water Treatment, Cooling Tower, Food/ Chemical Processing, Drainage, Amusement Park, Water Feature, Ducting, and Custom Fabrication markets.

PDSCo, Inc - Polymer Drilling Systems
PDSCo, Inc has been developing polymer slurry technology for the deep foundations industry for over 20 years. They produce a comprehensive line of high performance drilling fluids, specialized slurry additives, testing equipment and bentonite sealants for a variety of drilling, construction, and environmental operations.

Pentek Filtration - Big Blue
With a focus on residential and commercial water treatment markets, Pentek brand filter products remove contaminants and suspended solids from the water. Big Blue Filter Housings offer the versatility to meet all of your large-capacity filtration needs, including high flow and heavy sediment applications.

Perma Tank - AO Smith
Perma Tank, an A. O. Smith company, prides itself on offering a complete line of diaphragm, galvanized, glass-lined, and expansion tanks. They offer state-of-the-art products such as their manifold tank products and the Protector intelligent control systems.

Pioneer Pump
Pioneer Pump is performance through innovation. Leading-edge hydraulic engineering makes their centrifugal pumps the highest performing out there, with better flow, higher head, and greater efficiency, all designed to meet your unique challenges. At Pioneer Pump, they do more than design - they deliver.

Power-Flo Pumps & Systems was established by a group of industry veterans with a combined industry experience of nearly 100 years. Their products offer consistent quality standards, premium construction materials, third party certification, and reliable performance.

Powers Electric Products Company
Powers Electric is a leading manufacturer of water level measuring devices and control equipment for the water well drilling and service industry. Their Portable Water Level Meter is a Solid State electronic instrument designed to accurately determine the static, draw-down, and recovery rate levels in water wells.

For over 50 years, RACO Manufacturing and Engineering Co., Inc. has provided municipalities, government, and the construction industry with high-quality remote communications systems, annunciators, and RTUs. Applications range from only a single RTU to a full multi-station, multi-point PLC, DCS, or SCADA network.

Remote Control Technology
For over 25 years, Remote Control Technology has been a leader in innovative applications of wireless Radio Frequency (RF) remote control and telemetry devices. Applications for their Simple Wireless Solutions range from simple automated pump control to wireless tactical airfield lighting control.

Rhino Fittings - American Tank
Designed and engineered to perform under the harshest conditions, Rhino stainless steel tank fittings offer the ultimate in sealing power, corrosion resistance and strength. Whether for Agriculture, Industrial, Residential or Mission Critical Applications, Rhino is the proven choice for tank and piping installations.

Seco Manufacturing was established in 1977 in response to high demand for new accessories used in the emerging electronic distance measuring systems market. Currently, they are one of the leading manufacturers of surveying and global positioning equipment and accessories in the world.

From its origins more than a century ago, Sensus has grown to become a global leader in utility management. They deliver reliable, flexible, and proven products that provide advanced measurement, data collection, analysis and control capabilities to improve operational efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

SJE Rhombus
SJE Rhombus provides smart solutions to current environmental challenges. They combine over 35 years of expertise in pump controls with the latest technology to deliver energy efficient, cost-effective products for a wide variety of residential, commercial, municipal, industrial and agricultural applications.

Founded in 1957, Snyder Industries is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of tank and containment solutions. They feature the broadest product line in the industry for the bulk storage, processing and transportation of a wide variety of liquid, solid and dry materials.

Solar Power & Pump Co - SunRotor
Solar Power & Pump was formed in 1998 in order to meet the need for reliable solar powered water pumping equipment offered at a reasonable price. Their aim is to design solar powered water pump equipment which is simple, works well, and lasts a long time.

Spears Manufacturing
Wayne Spears began Spears Manufacturing as a one-machine shop in 1969. Since then, they have expanded to offer a complete selection of injection molded fittings and fabricated fittings, as well as manual and mechanically actuated thermoplastic valves in a variety of types, sizes, and configurations.

SRI - Silica Resources Inc.
Established in 1990, SRI mines some of the finest aggregate from nearby Yuba Gold Fields. They perform all washing, screening, drying, grading, and packaging in-house. Manufactured for use in a variety of industries, SRI has the only aggregate products in California approved by the National Sanitation Foundation.

Sta-Rite - Pentair Water
Sta-Rite was founded in Washington in 1934, with the goal of producing pumps that are Built Right to Stay Right. Their 75+ years of experience has led to industry leading molding technology and manufacturing techniques, providing you with the finest sump, sewage, & effluent pumps on the market.

Summit Pump
Founded in 1982 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Summit Pump strives to provide the best value in the market. Their main products are horizontal single stage ANSI and process type centrifugal pumps for industrial, pulp and paper, commercial and municipal markets worldwide.

Superlon is a manufacturer of high quality polyethylene pipe. They have been distributing to the western United States since 1962. You will find that their product line, consisting of SuperTuff, SuperTherm and SuperFuse, is top notch.

SVE Portable Roadway Systems - Trakmat
For over 20 years, SVE Portable Roadway Systems has manufactured mat systems to support vehicles and equipment moving over difficult terrain while protecting the landscape. Trakmat is the most versatile of these systems; it's lightweight, fits in the back of a pickup, and can easily be handled by people in the field.

Tibban Mfg Inc. - MudPuppy
Tibban products are built and created by individuals who have spent years getting their hands dirty in the field of drilling. The MudPuppy was born out of necessity and continues to sell because of its effectiveness in the field, and its ability to operate 24/7. Remember - MudPuppy recycles the mud and dumps the crud!

In 1924, Harry DeCosta started TRAnsmission Machinery Company. Renamed Tramco in 1968, they now specialize in designing, engineering and manufacturing pumps and custom pumping systems. Although their products have changed, their commitment to providing the highest quality products and service has not.

Tsurumi Pump
Tsurumi Pump began in Japan in the 1960s, moving into the US and Europe by the 1980s. During that time, they have expanded their product line to include pumps, generators, and accessories in order to encompass solutions for the mining, industrial, construction, plumbing, sewage, and wastewater industries.

US Electric Motors - USEM
More than 100 years of motor design experience ensure US Motors brand motors provide reliability and long life, even when used in applications within harsh process industries such as water & wastewater treatment, oil, gas and refining industries. For all your motor needs, you can trust US Motors for your application.

Victaulic- Aquamine PVC
Victaulic, the world leader in mechanical pipe joining systems, was founded in 1925 to market a mechanical bolted coupling that engaged into grooves and use a gasket seal. Since then, their enthusiasm for crafting unconventional solutions has allowed it to forge new paths as it tackles the industry's most unique challenges.

For over 20 years, Vu-Flow Filters has been producing high quality water filters for irrigation, homes, business or farms and industrial well water for cooling towers, wastewater and drinking water. Using their expertise in filtration products, they are able to deliver a filter that makes sediment removal simple and economical.

Yardney Water Management Systems is a leading manufacturer or water filtration equipment utilized worldwide to separate and remove suspended solids from liquids. They are committed to the innovating design, development, and manufacture of efficient, high quality, cost effective products.