V-Power Equipment, Inc. specializes in customer service and hard to find equipment, ensuring a wide range of product availability to the customer. In addition, V-Power offers the following services:

Freight Options
Pump repair and diagnostics

V-Power offers delivery via our own fleet of trucks. Aside from flatbed and pickup trucks and trailers, we also have a knuckle boom truck and piggy back forklift truck to handle extremely heavy or unwieldy loads. All employees are forklift and heavy equipment certified. Depending on the size of the shipment and required delivery time, we can also ship via major freight companies, including LTL Freight, R&L, UPS, Fed Ex, and more. Need emergency delivery? Our staff will get your package to you the quickest way possible.

Onsite Generator Load Testing
Pump repair and diagnostics

V-Power offers on-site load bank testing for power generators. During testing, generators are exercised at a continuous full-operating temperature in order to burn-out the internal accumulation of un-burnt fuel and particle debris. Industry trade organizations and manufacturers both agree that load bank testing on a regular basis is an important element of maintenance. The result? Your generator will run cleaner and more efficiently, increasing its life and saving you money.

Pump Repair and Diagnostics
Pump repair and diagnostics

V-Power is a fully operational dewatering pump repair and refurbishment facility. No matter the brand, we can repair or refurbish your pump to like-new condition for thousands of dollars less than a complete replacement.
With many high quality aftermarket pump parts already in stock, we are able to quickly restore your pump to full working order. Less downtime means quicker job completion, saving you time and money. Need a repair done?
Call us now at 888-830-8025 and we'll get your pump up and running!